My side-projects

Calc Notebook
An application to easily write multi-step calculations supporting conversions between units of measurement. The whole parsing and computing of the mathematical expressions was done by me. #go #language_parsing
A generic server that handles the basic authentication and user management needs for any application, supporting storage of any JSON data, useful for prototyping of web apps. #go #mongodb #json-patches
A web app for studying flashcards, it manages decks of flipcards written in a markdown and latex compatible WYSIWYG editor and has an intelligent repetition scheduler that chooses which card to review next based on how well you remembered each card in the previous repetitions. #katex #react
Noise Bar
A minimal MacOS app to listen to brown noise and other background sounds that help you concentrate #go
The Weekly Digest
A service that packages all the new posts from the RSS feeds you subscribe to in a single weekly email. The user management functionality is provided by my Shipyard service. #rss #shipyard
Track Generator
An application of the Wave Function Collapse algorithm to generate game-maps with closed tracks. The solution is rendered using directly OpenGL. #wave-function-collapse #OpenGL
Blockchain Notarizer
A tool to notarize files by recording their SHA256 digest on an EVM-compatible blockchain (e.g. Ethereum, Polygon, ...) #solidity #blockchain
Battery Notifier
A cross-platform utility to alert you when your laptop reaches 80% battery #go
Secret Santa
A utility that sends to all the participants an email containing whom they should make a gift to.
Food Tycoon
A web-based minimalist idle game where the goal is growing your restaurant chain.
Kindle Clippings to Notion
A utility to import clippings from your Kindle in a notion page. #NotionAPI
JSON Patches to MongoDB
A utility to convert JSON Patches into MongoDB update queries, used to power the Shipyard project #json-patches #mongodb
Cards Against Quarantine
Another game developed during the Covid-19 quarantine, this time it's an online version of Cards Against Humanity #node.js #PWA
SVG Video Generator
A tool that generates an animated video from an SVG template defined with a React-like syntax, the template defines how each frame should look like #svg #ffmpeg
World Wide War
Developed during the Covid-19 quarantine, it's an online version of Risk to play with your friends #websockets #react
Legends of Runeterra Companion
A companion app for the Legends of Runeterra card game that tracks the games you play. Some of the features that I implemented were not supported by the public API, so I had to reverse engineer the communication between the game and the servers to get the data I needed. #proxy-server #reverse-engineering
A website that uses Web Push Notifications to send your GitHub notifications as native phone notifications #WebPush
A web app used to keep track of the shared expenses me and my flatmates made. #react
GPU Calculator
A GPU accelerated graphing calculator #WebGL
Github Project Bot
This tiny utility automatically moves cards from "Done" to "Production" on Github Projects when the project is deployed. #Github-Actions
Elastic Beanstalk for VS Code
An integration to monitor the status of an AWS Elastic Beanstalk from Visual Studio Code #VS-Code-Extensions #AWS-sdk
React Draggable Tabs
Draggable atom-like tabs component for React #react
React Language Select
A React library to handle the internationalization of your app with a component to choose the language and a component for translated text #react
D3-React Graphs
A timeseries plot component for React built with D3 #D3
Node.js readline as a Promise #async #node-IO
Minimal GraphQL
A library to make GraphQL requests from Node.js #GraphQL #Apollo
Bidding Tic Tac Toe
An online Tic Tac Toe game where the players start with 100 points and have to bid points to make a move: at each turn the player with the highest bid pays the other player, but he can make a move (if you bid more you can do many moves in a row) #node.js
Link Previews
A web server that provides a preview of any supplied link #node.js
A note-taking app with markdown and latex live-preview support and a git integration for cloud sync. #react #electron